About Chiro EnCorps

Get to know about us and our mission.

About Chiro EnCorps

Chiro EnCorps provides on-site chiropractic care to employees to improve their health and, more importantly, to improve the wellbeing of your workforce. We offer health and wellness focused chiropractic adjustments in 10 minutes so you and your employees are back on the job in no time.

Founder Dr. Zachary Weiser began his career in neurophysiological research, then took his passion for the restoration of health and the enhancement of wellbeing through a healthier nervous system into his chiropractic career. He opened Washington Square Chiropractic in Philadelphia, which accumulated an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 online with over 50 reviews.

Our Mission

Imagine what would happen in the world if everyone on the planet felt at least thirty percent better than they do right now. More kindness? More love? World peace?

Imagine what would happen in your business if all of your employees felt at least thirty percent better than they do right now -- Better physically. Better mentally. Better emotionally.

When your company is “On Chiro Encorps” your people will miss less work and simply work better for you.

When the spines of all people are adjusted properly and their nervous systems no longer irritated, people are happier, people are nicer, people work better and get along better.

The world of our vision is one in which people are at least 30% better (and almost always more) than they are right now. That’s why we partner with companies like yours.

Our partnership with your company allows us to lower the bar to creating a better world and in a better world, your employees are better too. Imagine your company with better people creating a much better world.
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